KGNW 820 | 1.23.2017
Michelle Mendoza talks finances and faith with Neil Gallagher, PhD
Live from SeattleLearn More

The author of Jesus Christ Money Master shares the book’s key tenets with CTVN’s Real Life Learn More

KAAM 770AM | “The Money Doctor Show”
Catch the author’s radio show, Thursday, 1 pm; Saturday, 10 am; or Sunday., 4 pm CST on KAAM’s 770AM … Learn More

KSKY 660AM | “The Joy of a Rich Retirement”
Gain financial wisdom and get practical answers to your money conundrums with Dr. Gallagher and his son Matthew; listen live on Saturdays from 1 to 2 pm CST … Learn More

KEXB 620AM | “The Financial Brilliance of the Female Brain”
Join hosts Dr. Gallagher and Barbara Gill for highly entertaining perspectives on why the female brain has very unique abilities to be successful in business and investing; tune in Saturdays from 10 to 11 am CST … Learn More

Dallas Morning News | 8.11.2014
“Gail and Neil Gallagher, both 73, have no plans to retire. They should be enjoying some hard-earned time off, but like many other grandparents across the country, they were swept up in a growing trend: raising grandkids. The sudden lifestyle change can create unexpected hardships — emotional, financial and physical — as grandparents bring up another generation of children” … Read More


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8.1.2016 | Official Release: Jesus Christ, Money Master
Don’t miss the first installment of Dr. Gallagher’s Jesus Master Series when the book arrives this August … Learn More

6.25.2016 | 94.9 Celebrate Freedom Festival
Head to the storied Southfork Ranch to join Dr. Gallagher for a book signing event at the Jesus Christ, Money Master tent … Learn More

Book signing and launch events coming soon!

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