Jesus Christ, Money Master: The Wisest Words Ever Spoken on Money
Introducing the first of five installments in the Jesus Master® series, financial advisor and radio personality W. Neil Gallagher, PhD. guides readers toward profitable solutions through Jesus Christ, Money Master: The Wisest Words Ever Spoken on Money. Available with Student and Leader Guides for group instruction, the book provides a practical, God-based plan to answer one of life’s most important questions: “What is my money for?”

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The Book: Are you ready to start your journey toward both eternal happiness and earthly success? Jesus Christ, Money Master reveals the benefits of putting Christ back in the center of your personal spending habits, exploring four truths taught about money in the New Testament: don’t love it, do give it, how to earn it, and how to make it grow.

Jesus Christ, Money Master: The Wisest Words Ever Spoken on Money
$19.95, paperback


The Leader Guide: The Leader Guide is designed to accompany Jesus Christ, Money Master, and provides the template for an eight-week group study. The Leader’s edition also includes the complete text of the Student Guide, as well as icebreaker activities, discussion questions, and additional resources for productive, challenging group sessions.

Jesus Christ, Money Master Leader Guide
$14.95, paperback


The Student Guide: Elevate your perspective – and your opportunities – with a step-by-step approach to placing your finances in the hands of the true money master, Jesus Christ. Providing a template for pursuing and experiencing freedom of generosity and wise investments, the Student Guide delivers smart advice and simple strategies.

Jesus Christ, Money Master Student Guide
$12.95, paperback


Coming Soon from the Jesus Master™ Series; Dr. Gallagher’s five-book series was created to bring the words and works of Jesus Christ back into the center of American culture. Applying the teachings of Jesus to urgent and practical issues of contemporary culture, the God-based titles translate Biblical principles into actionable financial wisdom to equip readers for a life of significance, purpose, and freedom. Pending Jesus Master™ releases include:

  • Jesus Christ, Master Motivator
  • Jesus Christ, Master Teacher
  • Jesus Christ, Master Leader
  • Jesus Christ, Master Salesman


Dr. Gallagher’s recent book not only inspires but also ignites action, releasing a passion for God. From his experience as a Peace Corps medic and teacher in leper colonies to speaker in Zig Ziglar's ''Born to Win'' conferences, the author challenges readers to heed his call to burn with love, courage, compassion, gratitude, and purpose. Addressed to males on behalf of the women in their lives, Burning explains that leaders cannot lead until they have learned to bow before the One who leads them. Dr. Gallagher’s message calls on men to glorify God, love their families, encourage others, grow in muscle and mind, and enrich, protect, and preserve America.

Burning: Passionate Prayers for Men on Fire
$16.95, paperback


Zig Ziglar |  The late Founder of the Ziglar Corporation
“I applaud your Jesus Master series of books. Thanks for the chance to review them and give you my input. I recommend them to anyone who wants to be at the top, and stay at the top, with their personal performance, attitude enhancement, business success, wealth enrichment, and family and spiritual growth.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress | Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas
“My good friend Dr. Gallagher’s new book, Jesus Christ, Money Master, is required reading for anyone who is looking for a highly practical and thoroughly biblical guide to financial success. His financial expertise, coupled with his devotion to Jesus Christ, makes him the perfect person to write such a book, and Dr. Gallagher reminds us that when we follow God’s instructions for money management, we can experience His blessings now! I highly recommend this book!”

Ray Fulenwider | National Church Growth
"Dr. Gallagher invites you, through his book Burning: Passionate Prayers for Men on Fire, to join his army of courageous leaders and prayer warriors. This is your opportunity to seize the many ways to improve yourself, your family, your community, your church, and your nation."

William Banowsky, PhD. | Former President of Pepperdine University
"Dr. Gallagher possesses a clear vision of grace, liberty, and the opportunity to do the work of God that God calls us to do. You will find his book, Burning, challenging, inspirational, and instructional."

John Maxwell, PhD. | New York Times Best-Selling Author; Founder, The John Maxwell Co.
"I had a hot heart for God and a passionate burning within me. My hot heart for God was greater than my talent for God. If your heart burns for God, you will build a great life."

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